Sunday, January 7, 2007

AZ FOB's Meet

Barb, Sherry, Daryl and Rosemary met for the second time at a fifties diner and discussed strategies for our anti slaughter campaign.

Daryl is working on a myth-buster booklet we can use when talking to officials, or even our neighbors down the street. It is a point-counter point presentation. If somebody says, “What about the 90,000 horses,” Daryl has an answer! If they counter with, “Well the AVMA says it’s humane,” Daryl has an answer! He is working hard on it and we appreciate his efforts.

Rosemary brought along the letter Sharon wrote for the Tucson Citizen. It is a wonderful letter, well written and very poignant.

But, wait a minute; Daryl is on the phone with Senator Ensign’s aide Mike, using Sherry’s minutes! Here’s what Mike said:

“Our voices have been heard! All the calls we made DID MAKE A DIFFERENCE! He says we need to START CALLING NOW. Don’t wait for a new bill to be introduced. Call your state representatives in the House and the U.S. Senate N O W. Don’t stop and don’t wait!

We continued our meeting with other plans in the making. Earlier in the day we met with a board member from the Arizona State Horseman’s Association (ASHA), a voice they listen to here in Arizona. So now, we will be attending a meeting with ASHA to get them to back us on the issue.

Daryl will be putting together golf tournaments to help out the Last Chance Horse Rescue. Rosemary and Barb also discussed helping out some local rescues.

Sherry is in the process of setting up a meeting with our now famous Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio. He is an animal lover and goes after animal abusers. He is AWESOME!

We will all be contacting law enforcement agencies that use horses in their mounted patrols, to find out what they do with their retired mounts.

It was a very productive meeting to stop the insanity of horse slaughter.

NOW, get out there and CALL YOUR STATE REPS! ! !

Barb, Sherry, Daryl and Rosemary

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